How Much Does a Website Cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer, and if you google this, you will get many responses with a wide variation in cost...if any at all!

I've tried to give a complete breakdown of all the costs involved in building a website below. They are varied and complicated - but it all depends on what you need and what you would like! All costs are quoted in GBP.

Requirements vary from client to client. The best thing to do is to take a look at our portfolio of work and Contact Me.

Your first thoughts should be - I need a brand! I need a cool name to call my website. If you already have a business, and need a site to complement this, then you're half way there! I named my website after my favourite mountain on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The cost will be between £2 - £200 per year. It all depends on the popularity and selling potential of the name you want. You might like to look at GoDaddy for ideas and costs.

This is where you need to tread carefully. Always try to go with a hosting company that has been recommended to you. If that isn't possible, look for reviews online and don't skimp on price!

Typical costs vary between £20 - £200 per year for one website.

This is the magical https:// and is imperative in today's modern internet age of security issues and hacking worries. This gives your customers confidence that your hosting company and your website has a genuine certificate of compliance.

Costs vary between £5 - £50 per year.

Website content can be static (the content doesn't change) or dynamic (the content changes according to certain conditions, such as who is viewing the content). Static pages contain mainly images and text, whereas dynamic pages contain data in complex presentation.

A one-language, five page static website would cost between £250 - £1000.

A one-language, five page dynamic website would cost between £500 - £5000, depending on the functionality you require.

The best multilingual sites are static, but this involves multiple duplication of the static pages. If you want five languages, then expect a factor of five to be applied to the cost of the content. There are Joomla! plugins which instantly translate your HTML pages, but these are far less attractive to SEO - so be aware!

This is always a difficult topic to approach. Once a customer has paid for the domain name, hosting, SSL certificate, build, and launch then they learn there will be an ongoing maintenance cost.

This is purely to help you keep your site free from any vulnerabilities, to make small changes where necessary, and to keep your customers' data safe.

Costs vary between £25 - £50 per month.

If you don't pay maintenance costs, then you either have very good technical skills, or you need to pay a consultancy fee for any changes made to your site and backups that you need of your customer data.

This is the expensive way to go! Costs vary between £50 - £100 per hour.

Rome wasn't built in a day! And very few good websites are. Expect each static page of a website to take a days work. Each dynamic page will take a lot longer. Any additional bespoke components will take even longer, but in the long run these add-ons will make your e-business much more efficient!


A five-page static website, complete with domain name propagation, hosting configuration, SSL application and content building will take in the region of one month to launch.

Search Engine Optimisation is not an art, it's a science we can apply to encourage Google, Bing, and other such search engines, to give your website a higher ranking than others of a similar ilk.

Joomla has very good built-in SEO facilities and settings to target the respective search engine trawlers.

This would usually be included in the build-cost of the website content, but if you have an existing site that needs rejuvenating, then expect the cost to be between £25 - £100 per hour.

Google Analytics can be implemented at an additional cost.

Let's use an example online shop website to look at the cost breakdown. It is assumed that all static content will be provided by the client.

Summary : Onvine Wines! An online shop distributing red and white wines from all over the world to the rest of the world.

Static Pages : 4 pages (Welcome, Wineology, About us, Contact us)

Dynamic Pages : 2 pages (Red, White - searchable by country)

Shopping Cart : Integrate third party component

Payment : Integrate third party component


Domain Name : £6/year

Web Hosting : £45/year

SSL Certificate : £12/year

Web Content (Static and Dynamic) : £500

E-commerce Solution (Shopping Cart and Payment) : £500

Maintenance : £750/year

SEO : Included

One-off cost : £1063

Ongoing cost : £750/year

Time To Launch : approx 2 months

Optional Addition : Bespoke component to allow front-end maintenance (Add, Edit, Delete) of products - £1000


Basically, the cost of a website all depends on the size of the project you have in mind. The best thing to do is break it down into stages and Contact Me. We can offer free advice on how to break it down and make your objectives more manageable and affordable.